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Lessons @ JPLEX

Lessons with Coach Josh Tolbert are the easiest way to schedule and secure the next step for your child's baseball journey! The ease of experience also acts as a guarentee to providing the admittedly hard work required for your ball player get the best chance to develop into the player they want to be! All of this is happening, and you are still able to save big on you and your family's two most precious resources: time and money!


  • Private (1-on-1)
  • Single Session OR Multi-Session Package Pricing
  • Small Groups of (2) / (3) or (4) Participants
  • (30)-Minute Sessions: (1-on-1) and (2) Participant Groups
  • (1)- Hour: All Individual and Group Types
  • (90)-Minute Sessions: (2) / (3) or (4) Participant Groups
  • (2)-Hours: Only Avaialble for (4) Participant Groups