COVID-19 Phase One Details: Staying Safe As We Re-acclimate!

Using the CDC's Guidance for Childcare Programs, the State of Louisiana's Open Safely Platform, and the JEDCO Back to Business Plan, Junction Place Sportsplex has been working tirelessly to provide our families with the safest, most practical way to again offer the high quality youth sports programming options that our community is in desperate need. Below are highlights of our more comprehensive plan which can be found HERE.

  • May 18-22/ May 25-29/ June 1-5
  • Two sessions will be offered each week: Morning (9:00AM-12:00 PM) and Afternoon (1:00 PM-4:00 PM)
  • Full week registration is the only registration type
  • Sessions will be divided into (3) separate physical spaces with no more than 10 participants in each group.
  • Participants of each group will remain in the same physical space, with the same group of no more than 10 participants with the same coache(s) for the entire week.
  • Lunch will not be offered nor will there be a lunch time.
  • We ask that participants bring ONLY a water bottle to camp each day (exceptions to be made for medication or medical devices)


Q: What exactly is being offered?

A: Essentially, we are offering the safest, most socially distant, sports and movement option for boys and girls ages 5-12. Sessions will run Monday- Friday in three hour increments (Mornings 9:00-12:00 PM/ Afternoons 1:00-4:00 PM)

Q: Why have two sessions?

A: Several elements factored into this decision. Each element pertains to the safety and well being of each participant, their respective families, our coaches and staff and the overall health and vitality of our immediate and broader community. By offering sessions of no more than three hours, we have eliminated the least practical component of organized youth activities; the need for breaks and lunch/snack time. Extensive breaks, especially if introducing food of any sort, require participants to move from the playing area and congregate in a general use space. Our commitment is to minimize any form of person to person contact and limit the possible exposure to any airborne pathogens means all participants and staff will remain in the same physical space throughout the entirety of each session.

Q: Are the sessions and their respective registrations independent of each other?

A: Yes, morning and afternoon sessions are independent of each other.

Q: Why do all Morning Session participants have to leave the building by 12:OO PM?

A: While we will be sanitizing throughout each session (we will have two non-coaching staff members on site at all times with the explicit purpose of constantly sanitizing physical spaces as well as ensuring all participants and coaches follow personal hygiene protocols), we feel it is necessary to have a period specifically dedicated to a full sanitation of the spaces being used for sessions. Also, participants will need to eat after three hours of activity and again, we don't find it practical to be able to keep social distancing and contact reduction measures in place while taking a break or eating.

Q: What resources have been used in the development of a Phase 1 Safe Practices Plan of Action:

A: In addition to the more obvious resources (CDC, State of Louisiana Open Safely, JEDCO Back to Business Plan), we have also based our plan on best practices recommended by a number of agencies that are industry specific for large venues (our building and business' classification), fitness centers, sports facilities and gymnasiums, childcare facilities and day camps.

Q: What are the more general protocols in place for ensuring compliance and safety as it regards to COVID-19?

A: To practice best restrictive contact practices, coaches will only work with one group each week. We will have different coaches for morning and afternoon sessions and those coaches will remain with the same group throughout the entire week. 

  • Coaches will be oriented not only for safe practices of youth activities but also for COVID-19 specific best practices. 
  • Coaches and staff will all be checked for temperature prior to entering the building each day and will be required to wear cloth mask.
  • We will only allow one person into general use spaces (restrooms) at a time and will require constant rehydration and hand washing. Staff will cleaning the restroom (specifically the sinks) after each person has exited the building
  • Pre, During and Post Cleaning. Part of the reason we have decided to not offer full day options and instead two separate three hour sessions is that we will use the gap time to fully clean and sanitize the space. Families in need will be allowed to register for both morning and afternoon sessions, however, we do ask you take into consideration that by doing both sessions your child will be exposed to more individuals.
  • Our registration process has been designed to capture many vital pieces of data to give a comprehensive picture of everyone entering our building. Should we be made aware of any possible exposure to COVID-19 by any of our participants and/or members of their household, we will be able to quickly disseminate that information (while keeping the privacy of those effected) and relay what modifications are appropriate (which include closure of sessions and recommendations for self-quarantining for anyone we believe could have been in direct contact) and assist with any form of contact tracing that may be needed.

Q: How will drop-off/pick up work?

A: To ensure the safest possible experience, we will NOT allow entrance to any non-participant. That is to say parents/guardians will not be able to enter the building upon drop-off/pick up.

  • Drop-off and pick-up will operate in a “carpool” fashion. Arrival- Vehicles will drive from EAST to WEST on Crawford St and will use the curb-side parking lot as the carpool lane for drop off. Coaches and staff will NOT open doors or assist participants exiting vehicles in any fashion. Coaches and staff will direct traffic to ensure the safety of all. Parents are encouraged to remain in the vehicle whenever possible. Participants will be checked for temperature prior to entering the building and the drop-off vehicle exiting the premises.
  • Dismissal- Vehicles will drive from WEST to EAST on Crawford st and will use the curb-side parking lot as the carpool lane for pick-up. We ask that all vehicles have clearly labeled the last name of participants whom they will be picking up. Coaches and Staff will verify the name of the driver and that they are on the pre-approved pick up list/ use walkie talkies to have participants exit the building and get to the vehicle. Coaches and staff will NOT open doors or assist participants with getting into the vehicle, which includes buckling or applying safety protocols. Parents/guardians will be responsible for ensuring the safety of participants inside the vehicle before exiting the premises.

Q: Will there be one or multiple groups and what will the ratios look like?

A: Weekly registration will be the ONLY registration option so that we can best limit exposure to human to human contact. While we will not mandate every participant show up each day, we will NOT substitute any registrations during the week, regardless of availability. That is to say, the group of participants will be same on Friday as it was on Monday, with the exception being participants who do not show up on a given day. 

  • Participants will be divided into 3 individual groups of no more than 10 participants.
  • To best practice restrictive contact practices, participants will be grouped as follows: Siblings and people living in the same household will be grouped together, regardless of age. Remaining participants will be grouped based by age.
  • Groups will be separated into 3 distinct physical spaces (separated by ground to floor netting) and will remain in their space throughout the entire session. 

Q: Are parents/guardians expected to do anything prior to leaving for camp?

A: Yes. First, we ask that if you know anyone in your household or if someone who has been in recent contact with any member of your household is known to have tested positive or showing symptoms of COVID-19 that you do not register for any of these session until at least 14 days have past. In addition, participants are expected to be examined for any signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 prior to leaving for camp each day. This includes, but is not limited to, temperature checks.

Q: What gear should my child bring ?

A: A water bottle (preferably a large, re-usable bottle that is already filled) is the ONLY item that will be permitted. We are asking that EVERYTHING else be left at home so we can minimize possible transmission of pathogens both for participants and for the physical surfaces in the building.

Q: What will a typical Morning Session Look like?

A: 8:45 AM-9:00 AM-Participant Arrival

9:00-9:15 AM- Group meetings (in specific spaces, with only member of individual group)

9:15-9:25 AM- Socially Distanced Stretches and stationary movements

9:20-10:00 AM- POWER HOUR (socially distanced speed and agility circuit with appropriate activities for each of our 3 age groups)

10:00-10:10 AM- Socially distanced, space specific, rest/ water period.

10:10-10:40 AM- Socially Distanced modified competition period (timed races, target competitions using low-touch sanitized

equipment such as sanitized soccer balls, sanitized basketball and baseballs)

10:40-10:50 AM- Socially distanced, space specific, rest/ water period.

10:50-11:20 AM- Sport Specific Skill Development using social distancing practices. Elements include batting stance, stride,

hand and hip rotations without physically holding a bat; proper basketball shooting technique without using a

ball; "chalk talk" using interactive videos via our projector and screen; flag football route running without use of

a ball.

11:20-11:40 AM- Socially Distanced modified competition period (timed races, target competitions using low-touch sanitized

equipment such as sanitized soccer balls, sanitized basketball and baseballs)  

11:40 AM-12:00 PM- Session Dismissal via carpool (see above)

Give Your Best Effort. Buy All In

Dear Junction Place Sportsplex Holiday and Summer Camp Families,

Thank you for your patience as we adjust and plan in the ever-changing world of COVID-19. As of Monday, May 11, 2020. We are planning to open our doors as scheduled for the Summer All Sports Camp @ Junction Place Sportsplex and for New Orleans Jesters Youth Soccer Academy Indoor Camps. We are following and monitoring for changes guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Louisiana Department of Health and Safety, Parish President Cynthia Lee-Shang, and the JEDCO Back to Business Plan. The protocols to offer the safest and still most engaging summer camp possible include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Checking the temperature of each person who enters Junction Place Sportsplex
  • Clean and disinfect before, during and after each camp day/ sports sessionFor potential All Sports and Soccer Skill Sessions to be offered May 18-22 and May 25-29, this will see two separate offerings (mornings- 9:00-12:00 and afternoons 1:00-4:00) with the hour gap seeing NO participants on site as we use the time to completely sanitize all areas of the building AND the departure of the morning staff prior to the arrival of the afternoon staff. 
  • Reduced group sizes (currently, no more than 10 participants per group)
  • Maintain appropriate social distancing (no more than 6 feet, groups remain in the same netted off space throughout the session)
  • Closing the building to any non- sports session or camp activities
  • Cancelling of all before and after care programs for sports sessions offered in May. Potentially cancelling all before and after care programs for Summer All Sports Camps in June and July (TBD)
  • Require Coaches and Staff to wear cloth mask at all times inside the building
  • Encourage participants to wear mask each day (not required)
  • Teach and reinforce healthy camp and life habits

We are still in the wait-and-see mode as we determine who is in charge (State, Jfferson Parish, etc) and what the exact limitations are for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the re-opening process.